Meet the Team

Jeffrey Osborne

General Manager

This may be the MOST IMPORTANT BIOGRAPHY of this team bio page.

Why? Because it was Jeffrey Osborne who originally sought out and executed Osborne Transformer’s diabolical partnership pact with Supertek Corp.

EXTREME DURABILITY may be Osborne Transformer’s most important contribution to the world of transformers and inductors.

Under the contractually obligated and spiritually bound leadership of Supertek’s production team (see below), Jeffrey is helping Osborne pursue a new goal of EXTREME VISIBILITY.

Osborne’s Faustian bargain with Supertek has catalyzed the most explosive period of growth in Osborne Transformer’s 85 year history. According to Supertek Supervisory Administrator, Mister Hysteresis “nobody needs to know exactly what we’re doing, but obviously it works because otherwise we clearly wouldn’t be doing it”.

Jeffrey Osborne was named General Manager of Osborne Transformer in 2009. Prior to being named General Manager, Jeffrey led Osborne’s regional offices in Portland, Oregon, Mexico City, Mexico and San Fransisco, California. Jeffrey is a third generation electromagnetic engineer and has been building and testing transformers for over 30 years. He earned a Masters in Business Administration from the Presidio School of Management and a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Michigan State University.

Chuck Proteus

Senior Design Engineer

Chuck is the chief spokesperson and senior most designer at XFMR. A holder of numerous patents, inventions, and notebooks full of one-day-to-be inventions and patents. Proteus’ design thinking is the stuff of legend. The nation’s elite thinkers in the field of thinking about design think very highly of Proteus’ thoughts on design thinking.

Annalee Cunningham

Associate Engineer

Annalee runs the day to day operations of XFMR’s design team. She acts as the lead problem solver for the bulk of client projects. Annalee is remembered for creative use of staple removers ever since puncturing Mister Hysteresis’ hand the time he dared to remove one of her comics from its protective sleeving. Annalee also has a passion for whispering.

Mister Hysteresis

Deputy Supervisory Administrator

While his professional background is shrouded in mystery, Mister Hysteresis was appointed to XFMR’s team in 2017 by our influential partner, Supertek Corp. Mister Hysteresis describes his role as “I’m the deputy of supervision and administration, so that’s obviously what I do. Every day I supervise and administer people who do other things.” Mister Hyteresis is also believed to have recently nailed a five foot hole-in-one in his office putting green.


Director of Robotic Jurisdiction and Assistant High Commissioner of Online Media and Magnetic Levitation Specialist

Supertek Corp developed and donated EeKora to XFMR in 2017. Her primary function is to leverage the immense multi-threaded processing capabilities of her advanced positronic neural network. EeKora’s primary responsibilities include Facebooking, YouTubing, Twittering, Tumblring, Pinteresting, LinkedIning, Flickering, Redditting, SnapChatting, Soundclouding, Bandcamping, and Discording. She has also written 4,952 reviews while Yelping, and is the Foursquaring “mayor” of 79 local battery charging stations. When questioned on her notable absence from Instagramming, EeKora replied “I hate Instagramming the most.”

Pabalo Bybalobobalo

Michael Bay Family Chief Curator

Endowed by a generous donation from the Michael Bay family, Pabalo Bybalobobalo serves as XFMR’s first Michael Bay Family Chief Curator. Pabalo’s charge is to lead XFMR’s team toward accomplishing their “mission” of welcoming all to celebrate the XFMR spirit in a setting that unites the power of social media with the beauty of XFMR’s “vision”. In compliance with the express desires of the Michael Bay family, Pabalo will strive to create an organization that transforms lives through explosive new ideas, expanded special effects, and fast paced action sequences.

Shecky Kneemale

Resident DJ Internet Sensation

Shecky Kneemale was named XFMR’s Resident DJ and Internet Sensation in 2017. Kneemale has responsibility for station-wide music programming activities and related sensational internet initiatives. Working closely with XFMR’s Michael Bay Family Chief Curator, Pabalo Bybalobobalo, Kneemale participates in efforts to plan and produce XFMR’s social media content. Kneemale first became an Internet Sensation, while acting as the Artist in Residence of Mrs. Kneemale’s Basement. Away from work, Kneemale is a flashmob enthusiast and regularly travels to participate in public performances of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. His current passion is advancing the sport of “Phone Yoga”, to which he is credited as an innovator in the groundbreaking “Double Fisting Technique”.