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Osborne is an ISO 9001 certified company that designs and manufactures superior quality transformers, inductors and related electromagnetic components. In the late 1920´s, Robert Osborne began experimenting with electromagnetic core and coil assemblies. While tinkering and studying in his east Detroit basement workshop, Robert developed an early mastery of the principles of electromagnetic design. This expertise generated a demand for Osborne products, and sparked a family legacy that continues into the new century.

Osborne officially opened their doors in 1932, and our business is proud of our history as socially responsible members of the greater Detroit industrial community. Osborne´s reputation has grown to include significant business partnerships within the power generation and distribution industry, the automotive industry, and the machine tool industry. We also provide design consulting and management services on projects that demand cutting edge electromagnetic component designs. Osborne´s name is known throughout the industrial and academic community as a source of world class electromagnetic designs.

Today the Osborne Transformer name represents the same values it has for the past eighty years: application specific products, design excellence and innovation.

Osborne’s Products and Services

Osborne stands on the strength of our traditional practice of superior craftsmanship, though we hardly rest on our reputation. The Osborne team embraces continuous improvement in all areas of our business. We celebrate the opportunity to establish and develop new customer relationships, new technologies, and new processes. Our tradition is rooted in the Detroit area’s history of manufacturing excellence and, much like our local partners in the industry, Osborne has an eye for innovative solutions and creative design technology.

Customer Service & Technical Support

Osborne has the people, the expertise, and the customer focus to help make your next project a success. Find out what it means to be an Osborne Transformer “partner”. We won´t bend your ear with a slick pitch about “turn key solutions that span the electromagnetic value chain”. Instead we strive to learn about the technical requirements of your project. Give us the opportunity to learn about you and your application, and we will be fully prepared to put our extensive range of industry experience to work on your project.


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Few other custom electrical products can match the longevity or dependability of an Osborne Transformer. We’re not boasting; that’s the nature of a well designed and well built transformer. They work for a long time. It’s not unusual for a properly built unit to last over 30 years of heavy industrial use. There’s definitely an advantage to doing them right the first time. When you specify an application specific transformer you effectively reduce the risk of unexpected component failure. Specifying an Osborne Transformer means that you´ll have one less variable to worry about.