Saturable Reactor Inductors

Osborne Saturable Reactors are designed to provide a variable output voltage through the use of variable impedance connected in series with a constant impedance load. Each saturable reactor’s impedance is determined by the application of DC power to a control winding. As the level of power supplied to the control winding is increased, the saturable reactor becomes more saturated. This reduces the impedance of the AC gate winding, and increase the amount of the supply voltage that is transferred to the load. Conversely, as the power is reduced to the control winding, the reactor becomes less saturated, the gate winding has more impedance and less of the input voltage is provided to the output impedance. This approach provides excellent quality, reliability, and control when designed to match the requirements of a specific application.

Learn more about saturable reactor winding configurations with Osborne’s helpful design resource.

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Saturable Reactor Design Options Table

Spec Range Available
AC Gate Voltage: 1 – 10,000 Volts
AC Gate Current: 0.001 – 50,000 Amps
Capacity: 0.001 – 1,000 KVA
Frequency: 45 – 50,000 Hertz
Phase: Single – Multiple
DC Control Voltage: 0.001 – 10,000 Volts DC
DC Control Power: 0.001 – 10 KiloWatts
Terminals: Wire Leads – Finger Safe
Enclosures: Open Core & Coil – Hazardous Environment
Dielectric Strength Testing: 50 Volts DC – 50,000 Volts AC
Agency Approvals: UL, CSA, CE and/or TUV

What Are Osborne’s Saturable Reactors Design Options?

“Design Options” refers to the types of features typically available for Osborne’s Saturable Reactors. We share these options to help you determine if Osborne’s capabilities are a good fit for your project.

If you’re looking to develop a custom saturable reactor and it fits in the ranges of Osborne’s saturable reactor design options table, there’s a great chance that we can make your project a success. Call Osborne today at 800-229-9410.

Why Choose Osborne?

Premium saturable reactors are ideal for select applications. Does your project demand exceptional design service and high performance? If so, please consider our Design Options page for details about the performance benefits of application specific engineering. Next we encourage you to visit our Partners page for a clear idea of Osborne’s unique collaborative development approach.