Advantages for Repairing a Transformer

The process of repairing transformers can be a dirty job. But tearing down a transformer can be very educational and technically rewarding.
I recently had the opportunity of disassembling a defective transformer for a local utility. This transformer is part of a 1950’s vintage transmitter used to locate “system faults” on a 4,800 volt distribution system.

  • Closely evaluating designs during their disassembly provides a technical education of design aspects that have been successful, in some cases, for many years.
  • Carefully monitoring the disassembly can often provide knowledge of why the design failed, thus providing an opportunity to improve the device when re-manufacturing.
  • Researching the techniques used by the original transformer manufacturer.
  • Satisfy a customer. Supporting a customer in maintaining equipment of older technology is often a valuable asset.
  • Repairing a transformer provides an opportunity to recycle reusable material rather than adding to landfill.
  • In conclusion, disassembling and reverse engineering a failed transformer can be a dirty job and the process is very educational.