Osborne’s High Performance Transformers

Composite image of Osborne's handcrafted coils and a three phase transformer. High Performance Transformers.Osborne Transformer is a market leader in the design and production of high performance transformers. If your customer requires an extremely durable transformer, you’ve found the ideal design partner. Osborne’s designs offer unmatched performance and longevity.

Durable transformers deliver peace of mind. You will immediately appreciate how it feels to have one less source of failure in your circuit. Stop taking chances with low cost commodity parts.

Be confident that Osborne’s unrivaled transformer designs will be a great fit for your project. Contact Osborne’s engineers today and let them quickly prepare a preliminary design proposal — FREE OF CHARGE. Experience the superior craftsmanship and durability of Osborne’s high performing designs.

You invest great effort and hard work into your projects. Don’t undermine those standards by choosing cut-rate commodity transformers.

Commodity Transformer Osborne Transformer
application generic application specific
cheap materials premium materials
hasty assembly meticulous details
liberal quality control rigorous testing standards
automated mass production hand-crafted batch production
10-15 year lifespan 50+ year lifespan

Overview of High Performance Transformers

Image of one of Osborne's premium quality electromagnetic components.Osborne’s high performance transformers are used to step-up, step-down and isolate voltages. There are many significant differences between an Osborne Transformer and a commodity transformer.

The differences begin in the design stage; instead of focusing on the many ways to reduce material expense and effectively shorten a transformer’s lifespan, Osborne’s engineers will optimize your design around key performance traits like exciting current, flux density, and thermal efficiency.

Osborne then selects the finest raw materials available. Next, your design is assembled using time honored techniques in Osborne’s small batch, hand-crafted production system.

During production, your part is subjected to multiple stages of the most rigorous electrical performance test standards, and held to tight tolerances. The resulting high performance transformers are unlike any commodity transformer you’ve ever worked with.

Let’s talk about your project! Call Osborne at 800-229-9410, or email them at sales@OsborneTransformer.com.

Options for High Performance Transformers

Spec Range Available
Primary Voltage: 1 – 10,000 Volts
Secondary Voltage: 0.1 – 20,000 Volts
Secondary Current: 0.001 – 50,000 Amps
Capacity: 0.000001 – 6,000 KVA
Frequency: 45 – 1,000,000 Hertz
Phase: Single – Multiple
Electrostatic Shielding: Single to Multiple Shields
Terminals: Wire Leads – Finger Safe
Enclosures: Open Core & Coil – Hazardous Environment
Dielectric Strength Testing: 50 Volts DC – 50,000 Volts AC
Agency Approvals: UL, CSA, CE and/or TUV

Osborne’s Partners Understand High Performance Transformers

Discover why Osborne is the electromagnetic design partner of choice for some of the world’s foremost engineering departments. Osborne’s partners include NASA, DTE Energy, Ford Motor Company, Intel, and many other industrial technology trendsetters.

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