Monohull Match Racing

This is an interesting time in the course of sailboat match racing. For those who may not be familiar with match racing, it is a race between two competitors, going head-to-head. This is different from other common forms of sailboat racing such as a fleet race, which involves three or more competitors competing against each other, or team racing where teams of 2, 3 or 4 boats compete.

The World Match Racing Tour has followed the lead of the America’s Cup in converting their fleet standard to a multihull design. Meanwhile, the vast majority of match racing remains invested in monohull designs.

The purpose is to foster increased competition among match racing sailors of all ages, while making world class competition accessible to a much broader group of prospective contestants.

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The affordability and image quality from drone aircraft has the potential to open competitive match racing to a huge new audience. We’re excited about the future of monohull match racing as a spectator event. We’d love to see this type of race footage cut into a highlight reel, complete with tack-by-tack narration recorded by the race’s live commentator. This will be a great way to help fans of all interest levels learn and appreciate the suspense and competitive complexity of match racing.

To get involved in next year’s Detroit Cup races, please stay in touch with the organizers:

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