Osborne #8745 – Ford EMC Test


This inductor is part of Osborne’s Ford EMC Inductor kit. It is designed to simulate the series wiring inductance (5 uH) of a typical wiring harness running from the battery to the ignition switch. This inductor will handle AC loads up to 50 Amps.

Electrical Specifications

Resistance: 0.93 milli-ohms
Inductance: 5.0 micro-henries
A.C. Current Rating: 50 amps RMS
D.C. Current Rating: 0.0 amps RMS
Measurement Frequency: 1,000 Hertz

Mechanical Specifications:

Overall Dimensions: 3.0″ O.D. X 1.5″ H
Terminals: Ring lugs with 1/4″ screw clearance
Osborne #8745 illustration.

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