Osborne Designs for NASA

Osborne Transformer was founded in 1932 and has since become synonymous with premium performance and longevity within the industrial and academic community. Osborne’s world class electromagnetic designs have led to partnerships with many multinational design teams, including clients such as DTE Energy, Eaton, Daimler Chrysler, Intel, Visteon, Motorola, and others. Osborne’s focus on safety, performance, and durability made them a logical choice when NASA needed someone to build highly accurate DC load simulating inductors.


Jacobs Engineering came to Osborne for their expertise in DC load simulating inductors on behalf of their clients NASA and Boeing. Jacobs Engineering is an engineering consultant group founded in 1947 and has transformed into a fortune 500 company associated with safety sustainability. Boeing is the leading aerospace company in the world and set the standard for space systems. NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center has had a vital role in space exploration and discovery due to their unique expertise in engineering mission critical designs. Having the opportunity to collaborate with prestigious companies such as Jacobs, Boeing, and NASA has been a highlight of Osborne’s history.

When human lives are at stake, you must have precise engineering because one small error could result in grave consequences. There are a multitude of risks involved with sending humans into space but with Osborne DC load simulation inductors, NASA knows they have one less thing to worry about. DC load simulation inductors are used to test a variety of conditions to ensure proper operation of electrical components of a space system. Knowing how the system behaves in different situations is vital to ensuring the safety of the system. Osborne DC load simulation inductors are unique because they are engineered to produce a precise time constant current transient during the current charge cycle as well as a precise voltage transient during the current discharge cycle. The resulting test circuit can be used to accurately replace real loads in a variety of circuit simulation applications. The margin of error in other testing methods is eliminated. On top of our unique testing method, all of Osborne’s DC load simulation inductors have certificates of conformance from national testing laboratories