Osborne in IndustryWeek’s “Energy Issue”

Image of a power plant.

One of Osborne’s areas of research and development in the past few years has been in the use of remote collaboration tools. We work with Socialtext hosted workspaces for internal and external project management.

Recently Jeff Osborne gave a brief tour of Osborne’s workspaces to Jeff Brainard (then of Socialtext) and Brad Kenney (IndustryWeek). Brad produced two interesting articles on the topic.

One article is an overview of performance metrics related to wiki use The next article is a more in depth story about Osborne’s history of working with Socialtext.

In Brad’s words:

“The result has been the gradual creation of a culture of empowerment and accountability, wherein Osborne’s workforce adapts this cutting-edge tool to fit needs both old and new.”

Thanks Brad!