Osborne Transformer Privacy Policy

You might find an answer to your question about privacy here. If not, please call or email us. Thanks.

Question: Why do you want to know my name and email address?

Answer: Osborne Transformer is a privately held company that takes pride in their relationships with our customers, vendors, and employees. They value the opportunity to get to know you. If you are contacting OTC for the first time, you should expect a prompt and informative response to your inquiry. Occasionally, OTC will use this information to send you an email newsletter, or promotional offer.

Question: What if I get enough email already?

Answer: Osborne would rather not offend anyone with unsolicited email offers. We rarely send email announcements to a wide audience. Each message that we do send contains concise directions on how to remove your name from our mailing list. Osborne offers these infrequent emails to our regular contacts, to keep them informed of events which are of interest to them. If you’re not interested in staying in contact, that’s ok. OTC will gladly remove your contact information from the list.

Question: What information do you track about me?

Answer: OTC would like to have contact information about you and what you do for your company. This information is used to guide OTC’s efforts to provide products and services that interest you. By offering this information, you can help OTC become a stronger partner to you and your organization. OTC believes that every business relationship is an opportunity to build a partnership, and partnerships are what make many projects successful.

Question: Do you share my information with other parts of your company?

Answer: Osborne will not sell your contact information to anyone. Osborne has no relationships with any organization that needs to use your private information. Osborne doesn’t plan to build such relationships.

Osborne is happy to be of service. Your contact information will be kept confidential.

Question: Why do you want to know my mailing address?

Answer: Infrequently Osborne will send small promotional mailers to our customers. These mailers are designed to offer a specific opportunity or promotion. For example, August is National Transformer month at Osborne Transformer. During the month of August, Osborne offers free design services with most custom transformer orders, to any customers who mentions the promotion. This promotion is valued at hundreds of dollars, and is one way that we like to say thanks for your loyal business.

If you are not interested in celebrating national transformer month, or other promotions, please let OTC know. They will happily remove your address from the database.

Question: Why do you want to know my credit card number?

Answer: If you are not comfortable sending your credit card information via email, please don’t. Osborne will be glad to process your order via telephone or fax. Contact the sales department at (800)229-9410.

Question: Do you sell my information to anybody?

Answer: Absolutely not.

Question: Who can I talk to if I have a question about my privacy?

Answer: You are welcome to call OTC during business hours, 9:00 to 5:00 EST, at (800)229-9410. Osborne welcomes and encourages your interest in learning more about how we do business. You are also encouraged to contact the customer service department via email. Please send your inquiries to info@osbornetransformer.com. Call, email, or write them a letter. Remember to send a photo of your latest projects, or maybe include the barbecue recipe that almost won you first prize at your block party. We like barbecue.