Osborne’s 80th Anniversary

Photo of an oak tree.
80th Anniversary Oak Tree, from Flickr user MunstiSue

Osborne was founded in 1932. That makes this our 80th year!

One of the things we’ve done to celebrate has been to reorganize the website. It was time to upgrade from our previous content management software to the latest version of WordPress. The change will make it even easier for us to share things in the future.

What kind of things are we planning to share?

Expect to see a continuous expansion of product content on the new site. Product information has always been a popular area of the site. Previously we shared data on several thousand designs in an area we called the “catalog”. The database for that former catalog is currently offline as we develop improved methods for documenting products. We plan to make that catalog data available again as the upcoming Osborne “archive”.

Additionally, we’ve begun to post detailed information about specific Osborne part numbers. This year we’ll be sharing more photos, illustrations, and product specs than ever before. Some of these products will be historic – including hand drafted engineering notes from an earlier era. Other featured designs will be contemporary products. From time to time we will also share design concepts that never made it beyond the prototyping stage. We build experimental prototypes and some of them are interesting to see.

We’ve been listening to your ideas and the overwhelming consensus is that we should publish more product specs. Ok! We’re on it. This revamped site architecture (the one you’re looking at now) will support a great expansion of descriptive product data.

Thanks for visiting and helping us acknowledge 80 years of high performance electromagnetic components.