Every Component is Designed to Match Your Circuit

The first step in determining if your project could benefit from specialty electromagnetic components is to contact Osborne Transformer at (800)229-9410.

The Osborne engineering team will want to know what you’d like the electromagnetic component to do; it’s desired function. Osborne draws on a long history of experience designing components for a wide range of commercial applications. Let us know what you’re going to accomplish, and we’ll contribute our knowledge about the best options available.

Efficiency is Not a Luxury

Osborne Transformer will not cut corners on quality. We will work with you to identify the appropriate type of product for your customer.

Experience has proven that designing the project properly from the start will save time, money, and many headaches. Osborne has helped countless customers replace electromagnetic components that just can’t endure the rigors of heavy duty industrial projects. Cheap commodity transformers are not intended to provide long lasting service in demanding environments. Osborne’s transformers are.

Osborne transformers always provide superior longevity and performance.

Be efficient with your resources. Work with Osborne to specify the right component early in your design process. This will help you avoid the unnecessary pitfalls that arise when using sub-standard designs, materials, and construction techniques. Osborne Transformer is a name you can trust to do the job right.

Innovative and Unique Electromagnetic Components

Osborne Transformer does not just sell transformers, inductors, and other products. We design, manufacture, test, and rebuild them. This is what we’ve done for more than 80 years.

Part of the Osborne quality control process is to stay in contact with the latest scientific and technological developments. We’re constantly monitoring new materials, software tools, production equipment and management techniques, to bring you the best possible components. We use this expertise to consult with leading companies around the globe. And, we understand that every customer project is unique. We strive to develop application specific components whenever possible. We believe this is the best approach to ensure top quality results.

The Performance You Need, With Custom Physical Specs

Customers regularly come to Osborne with projects that sometimes seem nearly impossible to develop. Often these are the most exciting projects to take on. We truly enjoy the challenge of working with experimental circuits. As a result of constant demand for new design ideas, Osborne has established a reputation for building remarkable performance into physically constrained equipment.

This ability to manipulate mechanical forms is a crucial element in Osborne’s approach to component optimization. We pair exceptional electromagnetic performance with creative mechanical designs. Customizing transformer form is not they type of design option you can expect to find at your local electrical distributor. We are the only company we know of to design and produce such a wide variety of custom electromagnetic components.