Small Batch Transformers

Are you searching for custom electromagnetic component? Osborne encourages you to be aware of the many advantages of small batch transformers and inductors. Batch produced transformers are quite unlike mass produced commodity transformers. As you design your circuit, please weigh this important decision:

Image of Osborne Transformer's small batch transformers1.) Choose a cut-rate commodity part and constrain your circuit’s performance to the generic specs of an off-the-shelf product,


2.) Choose a purpose built small batch transformer and enhance your circuit’s performance and longevity.

When you’re ready for high performance and longevity, Osborne’s small batch transformers and inductors are exactly what you’re looking for. It’s time to discover why so many engineers love the quality of Osborne’s hand-crafted electromagnetic components.

Mass Produced Vs. Batch Produced

Every one of Osborne’s small batch transformers and inductors are built to order. When you compare a batch produced transformer to a mass produced transformer, you can immediately see the difference in craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Commodity Transformer Osborne Transformer
application generic application specific
cheap materials premium materials
hasty assembly meticulous details
liberal quality control rigorous testing standards
automated mass production hand-crafted batch production
10-15 year lifespan 50+ year lifespan

The World’s Finest Electromagnetic Components

Osborne’s transformers and inductors are the best in the world. That’s no exaggeration. In their pursuit of world class results, Osborne’s design engineering department is focused exclusively on high performance and extreme durability.

Instead of focusing on the many ways to reduce material burden (and effectively shorten a transformer’s lifespan), Osborne will optimize your design around key performance traits like exciting current, flux density, and thermal efficiency.

Instead of searching out bargain deals on the cheapest raw materials, Osborne is busy evaluating the best materials that money can buy.

Instead of accepting that cut-rate parts will only perform for 10 years, Osborne challenges their team to deliver transformers that can 50 years or longer.

Instead of forcing your circuit to adapt to the sloppy performance of a mass-produced part, Osborne’s small batch transformers and inductors are hand-crafted using time honored assembly techniques.

Instead of relying on automated testing devices, Osborne’s technicians subject every single component to multiple stages of the most rigorous electrical performance testing.

Osborne’s small batch components are built to such high standards that they’re unlike any commodity transformer you’ve ever worked with.

Benefits of Osborne’s Small Batch Process

Extreme durability is the single most popular reason why Osborne’s customers prefer small batch transformers and inductors. There are many other reasons, as well, including:

  • Osborne’s 84 year history of innovative electromagnetic engineering;
  • Their willingness and expertise in advancing your component ideas beyond the conceptual stage;
  • The ability to deliver short lead times on premium quality designs;
  • A longstanding and sincere commitment to bring you the world’s finest electromagnetic components;
  • Capacity to support your project from design, to digital prototype, to design review, to proof-concept, to medium volume batch production;
  • Osborne’s unmatched success in responding to uniquely demanding applications.

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