Osborne’s High Frequency Transformers

Osborne Transformer Corporation is a market leader in the design and production of premium quality high frequency transformers. If your advanced power supply circuit requires durable high frequency transformers, you’ve come to the right place. Osborne’s high frequency transformers offer unmatched performance and longevity.

You invest great effort and hard work into your circuits. Don’t undermine your standards by choosing cut-rate commodity transformers.


Commodity Transformer Osborne Transformer
application generic application specific
cheap materials premium materials
hasty assembly meticulous details
liberal quality control rigorous testing standards
automated mass production hand-crafted batch production
10-15 year lifespan 50+ year lifespan

Overview for High Frequency Transformers

Osborne’s high frequency transformers are used to step-up, step-down and isolate voltages in advanced power systems. Isolation may be used to help provide a degree of secondary-side immunity from voltage spikes and noise (both common-mode and transverse-mode) present on the primary-side system. The isolation can allow separate grounds on both the input and output sides of the transformer. Osborne also designs with a range of electrostatic shielding to provide several levels of noise immunity.


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High Frequency Transformers Design Options Table

Spec Range Available
Input Voltages: 0 – 15,000 Volts
Output Voltages: 0 – 600 Volts
Thermal Voltampere Ratings: 0.250 – 5,000 Voltamperes
Compensated Voltamp Rating: 0.250 – 5,000 Voltamperes
Burden Power Factor: 0 – 100% Lagging or Leading
Frequency: 20 – 100,000 Hertz
Phase: Single – Multiple
Electrostatic Shielding: Single – Multiple Shields
Terminals: Wire Leads – Finger Safe
Enclosures: Open Core & Coil – Hazardous Environment
Agency Approvals: UL, CSA, CE and/or TUV

Durable Transformers Deliver Peace of Mind

Osborne’s emphasis on reliable design engineering means that your circuit will have one less potential source of failure. Don’t take unnecessary chances with low cost commodity parts.

Do you want to worry about how or when the high frequency transformers in your system might fail? Of course you don’t, because when a high frequency transformers fail, it’s always time consuming and inconvenient!

By choosing to work with Osborne’s extremely durable designs, you proceed with the utmost confidence in your circuit’s performance and longevity. This sense of security will free you and your team to focus on the things you do best.

Osborne’s Partners Understand Premium Transformers

We partner with some of the most successful technology businesses in the world. By partnering with Osborne, you can tap into our well established network of talented engineers and quality component suppliers.


Some of our partners include:


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