High Quality Custom Transformers

Osborne Transformer Corporation is a market leader in the design and manufacture of custom transformers, inductors, and other specialty electromagnetic components. Osborne’s custom designs represent state-of-the-art transformer and inductor technology.

Reliable Transformer Design

Osborne Transformer has been a world renowned marque since 1932. You can rely on Osborne’s experience to solve difficult circuit design challenges.

Osborne’s engineers have consulted with many multinational design teams, including clients such as NASA, Daimler Chrysler, DTE Energy, Eaton, Intel, Motorola, Visteon, and many others. Osborne will work closely with your team to identify the best raw materials, sub-components, and construction techniques for your project. This approach results in high performing and extremely durable transformers.

If you’re looking to partner with expert electromagnetic engineers, Osborne is your first choice. You can be confident that Osborne’s unmatched expertise makes them the ideal choice.

Contact Osborne and your development project will immediately take on new life. Complex development projects can be a risky endeavor, but Osborne’s proprietary digital prototyping approach will guide the project team to a fast and successful outcome. Osborne’s structured and team-oriented electromagnetic design process has been proven to reduce the risks inherent in remote technical collaboration. Moreover, by taking responsibility for your transformer designs, Osborne will accelerate your development schedule, while liberating your team to focus on the things they do best.

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