World’s Finest Transformers

Are you tired of working with same old worn-out commodity transformers? It’s time to sharpen your saw. Discover why so many engineers insist on Osborne’s premium quality transformers. Osborne’s designs are the world’s finest transformers!

Image contrasting a commodity transformer with an Osborne Transformer -- World's Finest Transformers

You must be tired of dealing with the unpredictable failures of off-the-shelf transformers. Hasn’t that grown dull?

Most Durable Transformers You Ever Done Saw

You need to call Osborne’s industry leading team of transformer design experts. They’ll build you a transformer that will thrill your customers, out-perform your competitors, and give your project a true step up in quality.

You invest great effort and hard work into your projects. Don’t undermine those standards by choosing cut-rate commodity transformers.

Commodity Transformer Osborne Transformer
application generic application specific
cheap materials premium materials
hasty assembly meticulous details
liberal quality control rigorous testing standards
automated mass production hand-crafted batch production
10-15 year lifespan 50+ year lifespan

Durable Transformers Deliver Peace of Mind

Image of one of Osborne's world class application specific electromagnetics. Osborne’s emphasis on premium quality design and production means that your circuit can have one less potential source of failure. Don’t take unnecessary chances with low cost commodity parts. You don’t want your customer to worry about how or when their transformer will fail. Of course you don’t, because when a transformer fails, it’s always costly and inconvenient!

If you’re looking to partner with expert electromagnetic engineers, Osborne is your first choice. You can be confident that Osborne’s unmatched expertise makes them the ideal choice.

Osborne’s Partners Understand High Performance Transformers

Discover why Osborne is the electromagnetic design partner of choice for some of the world’s foremost engineering departments. Osborne’s partners include NASA, DTE Energy, Ford Motor Company, Intel, and many other industrial technology trendsetters.

Upgrade to Premium Quality Transformers

Osborne is the world’s leader in the creation of superior quality transformers; the world’s finest transformers. Your application requires high performance and extreme durability. That’s why Osborne is your ideal design partner. Osborne’s transformer designs offer unmatched performance and longevity.

World Class Components

Osborne brings you over 80 years of the finest in hand-crafted, small batch produced transformers and inductors. Are small batch transformers right for you?

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