Author: Nick Couture

Osborne #33475 – Line Reactor

Osborne’s #33475 is a three phase line reactor for use in a windpower application. The design features a compact form factor for installation in a spatially constrained operating environment. Electrically the unit was built to handle 375 Amps at 690 Volts, with significant additional power handling capacity at the 5th and 7th harmonics.

Associate Electrical Engineer

Osborne is hiring an Associate Electrical Engineer to help design products, specify components and sub-components. Duties include analysis of clients’ fit, form and functional requirements to produce transformers, inductors, and related assemblies that are compatible with Osborneā€™s batch manufacturing workflow. The ideal candidate will have 3-5 years experience in a manufacturing and design environment, with […]

Operations Assistant

Osborne is hiring an Operations Assistant to: Handle order entry, A/P and A/R record keeping and reporting Provide support for purchasing, customer service and inventory control Maintain QMS records and reports Answer telephones and perform other office related duties Ideal candidate will have 2+ years experience in a manufacturing environment, possess problem solving ability, and […]

Osborne #12999T – Power Supply Trans

This high impedance transformer is designed into the power supply of an industrial power ultra-violet ray generating machine. The machine is used for curing paints and adhesives. 12999T is a 2.9 KVA capacity unit. It is tested to withstand 2.5 KV RMS between the primary and core, and 7.0 KV RMS between the secondary and […]